Exam Questions and Pass Rate

The pass mark for RE exams is 65%, for the RE5 that is 33 correct from the 50 and for RE1 it is 52 of the 80 questions.

The exam papers are computer generated from a question bank which means that each paper is different. With the volume of questions available, similar to a lotto, there are millions of variations.

So unlike other exams, studying mock exams only gives you an idea of what to expect, the chances that you will see even one of the questions from a mock exam are highly unlikely.

This is why it is so important to know and understand the material.

Once you have that right any question thrown to you will be much easier to answer…

And in addition if you know the sequence in which to answer the questions (that always remains the same) it is easier to answer. Each section has questions that are always in the same order but they are mixed within the exam paper.

Your Study Material

When you attend the workshop you will receive the latest study guide in printed format with the latest updates. The study guides are exclusive to us and you will not get them from any other provider.

To pass the exam you ONLY need the study guide, there is no need to purchase any other book or material.

The RE5 study guide consists of 78 pages and the RE1 study guide has 114 pages. Because the material is condensed into exactly what you need it cuts down enormously on your study time and you can get more time to do the things you like… which I believe you will certainly prefer to do, right?