Snoring Disorder

Snoring Disorder

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If a snoring partner is a ground for divorce, the world would be filled with single parents and rich lawyers.
And why is that? It’s because almost 50% of adults snore occasionally, and a good 25% has this as a habit. Men usually have the snoring disorders, and unfortunately, unlike wine, this doesn’t get better with age.

A barking dog, rain tapping on the roof, or cars passing by can prevent you from achieving a good night’s sleep. However, nothing comes close to sleeping beside somebody with snoring disorders.

Generally, sleep accounts for about a third of the average person’s life. However, much as we hope for a peaceful sleep, it sometimes is far from our grasp. Snoring disorders are actually sirens that warn us of possible health problems.

There are two types of snoring disorders: Primary Snoring and Obstructive Sleep Apnea. The first type is the most common and is basically a telltale sign for people that they may have the obstructive sleep apnea, or the second type of snoring disorder, in the future.

People who experience extreme snoring accompanied by gasping and ceases in breathing are suffering from obstructive sleep apnea. This type of snoring disorder is more common in males and obese people. People with these symptoms should be checked by a doctor. This condition means that you are deprived of the right amount of oxygen which can result to serious illnesses.

Obstructive sleep apnea can occur from as few as five times to as many as 50 times in one hour. Breathing stoppages up to a hundred times every night can accompany this type of snoring disorder. Persons with this condition often experience excessive sleepiness during the day and may place them in such risk as sleeping while driving.

If you are unsure whether you have sleep apnea or not, visit your doctor. He may ask you to go have a sleep study in order to determine the level of your snoring disorder. Sleep apnea, which usually exists together with high blood pressure, stroke, and other cardiovascular diseases, may require you to have surgery or be fitted with a Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) machine. If the doctor rules out this type of snoring disorder, then he might refer you to the dentist. There is actually a dental gadget that is to be worn when you go to sleep in order to prevent the person from snoring.

Snoring is not only unhealthy but it also brings about social problems. Unfortunately, there are no oral medications to relieve you of the snoring disorder. And since it’s a health issue, you can’t just ask yourself to get used to it. Even though sometimes, it blends well with the rest of the sounds at night.